Corvallis Area Forests and Balds, COA 081

Corvallis Area
Photo Credit: Martyne Reesman, ODFW

This are spans the Greasy Creek and Marys River Drainages south and west of Philomath, is bordered to the west by Kings Valley, and continues through the hills west and north of of Corvallis and Adair Village through the Maxfield, Berry Creek and Soap Creek Drainages at the southerly boundary of Polk County.

COA ID: 081

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  • Area contains several locaitons of upland prairie including Bald Hill Park, Bald Hill, Carson Prairie (within Dunn Forest), and butterfly meadows
  • Area contains some of the best yellow-breasted chat habitat in the ecoregion (E.E. Wilson Wildlife Area)
  • Area includes several important places for wildlie including McDonald Forest, Soap Creek, Dunn Forest, Maxfield Creek, Jackson-Frazier wetland, E. E. Wilson Wildlife Area
  • Area provides migratory stopover areas for waterfowl and shorebirds (E.E. Wilson; ephemeral wetlands)
  • The Newton Creek watershed on the north side of Philomath includes more than 400 acres of wetland with good restoration potential. The Greenbelt Land Trust has been working to protect and restore this large wetland complex, including a 65-acre privated parcel to the northwest containing wet prairie, ash swales and riparian corridor along Newton Creek.
  • There are ongoing habitat restoration and protection efforts for forest, wetland, oak, and prairie habitats by Greenbelt Land Trust, the City of Corvallis, and Benton County, including the recent purchase of the 587ac Bald Hill Farm and Mulkey Ridge west of Corvallis.

Previously Associated With

  • 2006 COA ID WV-19 (Corvallis area)


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